Étoile remains a family owned business, operated by five brothers. Mr. Ibrahim Abou Mehrem is the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, the other four siblings run four different sectors that form that operation of the company i.e. Supply Chain, Operation, Engineering & Construction, Production and HR & Training.

A Word from Our Chairman
" I see Étoile as a vivid, agile brand, built on hard, smart work, strength and expertise, with many more achievements planned and higher ground to reach. We enjoy setting goals and moving forward, as we enjoy developing ourselves and satisfying our customers. We see recognition of our success and appreciate it, but we want our customers to know we still have a lot more to offer."

"Our past has paved the way to our flourishing future, We cherish that past and are passionate about that future"

Ibrahim Abou Mehrem
Chairmnan and Executive Manager

The Concept
Étoile sets out to cater to Egyptian tastes. Using Egyptian taste buds as a starting point, Étoile selects whatever appeals to Egyptians from different international cuisines and adapt it to meet local preferences. It even modifies French pastries and customizes them to appeal to the Egyptian customers.

Within 10 years it is hoped that the Étoile brand would definitely have covered all of Egypt, and also expanded into at least 5 countries in the Middle East. Étoile aims to penetrate many other industries and markets that relate to its passion for the industry. It does not seek to franchise at all, the brand is its quality and reputation and Étoile will not accept any compromise in its standards.

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