Operated by five brothers, this family owned business sprang from humble beginnings. In 1999, Raffat Abou Mehrem sons started their business with one bakery shop. Springing from a love of pastries and confectionery, Sweet House invited customers into a world of sweet indulgence. The shop was launched with LE 32,500 capital investment and 7 employees in Seket El AlWaily street in Hadayek El Kobba. Sweet House was a hit, and business levels saw the employees grow from 7 to 30 within two months of opening.



  • Sweet House was launched as a private company with 7 employees.


  • A branch, mainly for confectionery, under the name Abou Mehrem opened in Port Said Street in AlWaily district. The company now had 50 employees.


  • A second branch was opened in El Matareya El Zeitoun Square, boosting the
    company ranks to 150 employees.


  • A coffee shop and takeaway was opened in Port Said Street in AlWaily.
    Another branch with an adjoined coffee shop opened in Gesr Suez Alf Makasen was launched, bringing the company to 350 employees. Abou Mehrem was successfully one of the first companies to merge patisseries and coffee shops under the same name.


  • This was the year that saw the Downtown patisserie and coffee shop open in Dar El Kada El Eily. The patisseries and coffee shops worked under the same administration and in addition to their branch facilities also offered fast food delivery.
    At this point the family name had been used by other members of the family for businesses so a decision was taken to change the brand name to something French that would conjure up the image of elegance and fine patisserie. So, with a growing company of 700 employees, the name became Étoile.


  • The El Hay El Asher branch opened, with the number of employees now reaching 900.


  • Abbas El Akkad branch opened, along with a coffee shop, raising the employees to 1000.


  • This was a busy year, with the opening of three more branches: 7 buildings in Makram Ebeid Street, which included a coffee shop; a coffee shop and restaurant in Dokki and a branch in Roxy. Employee levels now stood at 1500.
  • The year was momentous as well for the brand name Étoile being registered locally and internationally. Currently the business investment is estimated to be LE 2,000,000.

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